• Boundless
    Immigration Services Inc.

Our main focus is preparing a strong application for you

Once we know a little about you, we select the application that provides you the best opportunity.
You Will Receive

  1. Peace of mind that you do not have to navigate the Canadian immigration system.
  2. Representation on your behalf with Canadian immigration.
  3. Guidance on what documents are required.
  4. Guidance on how to provide valid required documents.
  5. Professionally written statements required in your application.
  6. Accurate and complete application(s).
  7. Advice on answering Canadian immigration related questions.
  8. Advice on the consequences of certain actions you might want or need to take.
  9. Support from a Licensed Immigration Consultant.
  10. Support from a Success Manager.
  11. Support in settling to Canada, as described below.
Once Approved
If required, we assist or place our clients in contact with people who will help you with:

  • How to find government resources and locations.
  • How to find doctors and dentists.
  • How to find a place to live.
  • How to find transportation.
  • How to search for employment.
  • How to apply for jobs.
  • How to get recognition for foreign credentials.
  • How to transfer money.
  • Where to apply for your health care.
  • Where to apply for your social insurance number (SIN).
  • Where to get assistance in filing your Canadian taxes.
  • Where to get assistance in improving your language skills.
  • Information on Canadian etiquette.
  • Information on permanent residency.
  • Information on Canadian citizenship.