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Provincial Nominees

Boundless Immigration provides free assessments for everyone. As a part of the free assessment your qualifications will be assessed against the Provincial Nominees Class as well as other Canadian immigration programs that you may be eligible for. Our job starts immediately as we work to identify all your opportunities.

Once we have identified all your opportunities our Licensed Immigration Consultant will be available to discuss these opportunities with you.

Upon accepting our services you will receive representation, guidance and support through the entire process. We will work to minimize the effort on your end while we prepare an accurate and professional application for you.

You will not have to navigate the Canadian immigration system.
You will have more time to do other things as we manage your application for you.
We will provide you with a complete and strong application.

Lastly, know that you have chosen a company that continues to minimize the effort on your part by organizing the information you will need to quickly settle in Canada once you are approved. Our goal is to make the immigration process easy for you and for your friends and family to see the results.